Comics Projects

Castle - Frog Princess

Princess Frog

Planned to be a short retelling of the Russian fairy tale, The Frog Princess. In my version, the princess is not actually a human turned into a frog; she's just a frog. The prince Ivan decides to marry a frog through an exploit in tradition so that he doesn't have to get married. You can look at some of the original inks on imgur.

Mr. Walter

Mr. Walter

My current overwhelming graphic novel project. Abby Turner is a junior in high school who loves art. At home, she struggles with her abusive, alcoholic mother. One day, after wandering around the apartment halls to escape her mother, Abby finds out that the most hated teacher in school, Mr. Walter, lives in the same apartment complex as her.

Thatcher Rumbuttum

Chaulie Grib

Because my life is never complete without a hundred other projects, this is planned to be a series of shortish fantasy comics focusing on a trio of unlikely "heroes." Elga Enderbite, a baby dwarf girl who runs away from home to prove herself as a fighter and adventurer, joins up with a dark elf rogue, Chaulie Grib, and his cohort in crime, Thatcher Rumbuttum, an evil cleric. You can see some of the character sketches for this project on imgur.


My comic in haitus that I put up over on tumblr. Warning: The art is dreadful. The story follows John Cop and Paul Chef as they investigate a death in Abaddon. In this world, death is dead; no one can die. There's a magical disease called "headless" which everyone catches once they're brought to Abaddon, which is a enormous city of junk. I started this comic as a project for a detective fiction class, but I might go back to this project later since I love the setting and the characters.

Sci Fi Project

Sci Fi Project

Still in early stages. Basically, a young daughter of a scientist is taken in by a spider-like alien that uses a human body as a kind of shell (somewhat like a hermit crab). Normally, he would have molted well enough that you couldn't tell he was inside the body, but something when wrong during this molt and he's stuck with some of his legs fully-formed outside the flesh. Together they fight others like his kind, as well as humans and militia, as he tries to transport a clutch of queen eggs to a location on the main planet.